Health Care Crisis?

Does President Donald Trump Have the Answer?

I don’t have faith that president Trump or any president can fix the health care crisis for reasons out of his or any other president’s control. The reason is simple MONEY. Our current health care system is a get sick first, treat symptoms (not cure) with expensive pharmaceuticals and procedures that keep people alive and create life-long customers for a money-driven medical system. Our current system is a huge win for Big Pharma but a huge loss for the health of the public. I have said it many times. If we focused on preventing people from getting sick in the first place we would not be spending over 3 trillion dollars per year (almost 18% of our GDP, double that of the next closest country) and could balance the budget within in years instead of…well never at this rate.

So, who will fix health care? You that’s who. Taking control and responsibility for you and your family’s health and wellness will stop individuals from feeding the beast, which is our current money-driven system. People are marketed to eat bad processed food, so they get sick, then they are treated with pharmaceuticals fraught with side effects AND then those side effects are treated with…you guessed it…more pharmaceuticals resulting in a sick society. A sick society that lives a long time often with poor quality of life that keep coming back for more medicine every month until they die. You have babies and small children put on medications for almost anything insuring cradle to crave customers for a money-driven medical system. We not the government has to stop the madness!


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