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“82 percent of American adults take at least one prescription medication and 29 percent take five or more”

– Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Wellness CBD

If you are not currently taking prescription medications and looking for:

  • Better Athletic/Physical Performance
  • Enhanced Rest & Relaxation
  • Increased Ability to Handle Stress
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Peak Focus
  • Increased Cannabinoid Tone

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Medical Grade CBD

If you are taking 1 or more prescription medication per day and suffer from:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Anxiety
  • Chronic Insomnia
  • Opioid Addiction
  • Clinical Depression
  • Any other Major Medical Illnesses

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Health Care Professionals

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I first found out about Red Pill about a year ago from my doctor. He told me that it was only available through doctors and other healthcare provider offices. He already knew my struggles with severe anxiety and panic attacks and the medications I was on, so I was comfortable and confident taking Red Pill since my doctor was behind it. A year later my anxiety is not totally gone but it is much less severe, and I no longer have to take prescription medication for it. When I found out Red Pill was now making wellness formulas for daily use, I was like sign me up!


I was constantly using over the counter and prescription anti-inflammatory drugs for a bad knee and shoulder I injured playing high school and college football in the 80s. I was having all kinds of stomach problems. It was around April of 2016 when my doctor gave me some samples of a Red Pill formula that he thought could help. He said he had just found out about it himself a few weeks prior to that. Man! It was like a miracle, pain relief, my knee wasn’t swollen and best of all it didn’t upset my stomach. There hasn’t been a day since that I haven’t taken my Red Pill!


I am a fitness nut, I love the way it makes me look and feel. About 2 years ago I tweaked my back when I was training with weights and ever since then I get pain and muscle spasms in my lower back area 2 or 3 times a week. I can still work out but the next morning I feel like an old lady trying to get out of bed and I am only 28. After taking RedPill CBD daily for about 3 weeks I noticed I wasn’t waking up sore and achy in the morning and my back wasn’t flaring up at all! My day is always going to start with taking RedPill CBD.


Last year I turned 50 and the morning of my birthday I looked in the mirror and could not believe my eyes. I was overweight, looked tired and I already felt stressed and it was only 7:30 in the morning! I heard that CBD could help you lose weight, so I started taking RedPill once a day. I literally didn’t do anything different and a few weeks later, I noticed I had dropped some pounds and I was sleeping so much better. I have struggled with some chronic medical problems, so I made an appointment with a doctor who can help me naturally and counsel me on which of the stronger RedPill medical products I should be using. This stuff is great!


I am a 39-year-old mother of 2 active boys and lack of energy was my number one issue. By the time I picked up my oldest son from guitar lessons I was exhausted. I was nodding off at stop lights at 4 in the afternoon! I started using the RedPill, the Red and Gold formula, once per day in the morning and my energy level skyrocketed within days. I even started working out 4 days a week in the mornings. My husband keeps asking me where did my old wife go? I love my RedPill CBD!


I am a 61-year-old executive and my job is incredibly stressful. I had developed really bad insomnia over the years. It was like I could not turn my brain off and I would lay in bed awake most of the night. Most days I would have a constant headache. I have to say RedPill CBD has been a life saver for me. My job is still stressful, but I just don’t get as stressed and I am sleeping like a baby.

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